Director of New Jersey / New York

Marilyn Rivers- Royster, is the pastor of The House of Love Ministry, Inc. of N.J.;
in addition to pastoring she has worked with Special Needs and Autistic Children for 15 years in Jersey City N.J. Public Schools System.

Her objective is to Reach One, Teach One as she embarks on her Christian journey of life. One of Marilyn’s many skills which best suits her is her high definition of Love that she demonstrates in her daily life.
As a pastor, an educator, encourager, and life coach; Marilyn has been able to assist in sustaining many people lives around her with some good sound doctrine of the Holy Bible.

One of her recent accomplishments was May of 2015 she opened her office for Christian Counseling. Marilyn is the Director for the David Rivers Camps Company operations for the New Jersey/ New York locations.

Her responsibilities involve communications, location logistics, marketing, and programs management for the scheduled July 2016 Event and Activities.

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