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President, INTL
Managing Director, International, Charles-Etienne Carton is CEO and President, ORTON International, Sophia-Antipolis, France, a Financial and Management Consultancy firm based in the Technological Park of Europe between Monaco and Cannes, France. Previously; Managing Director & Head of Fixed Income Operations at Oppenheimer International Limited in London; Senior Vice President at Bankers Trust International in London, Head of Institutional Sales for Fixed Income and Derivative products; Managing Director Capital Markets and European Marketing at Riyad Bank, London.

Charles is Co-Founder and was the founding President of IFWE, International Foundation for World Environment, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland; The objective of this Foundation was to create a new Landmark site in Switzerland, a centre of excellence, promoting environmental understanding and research. Modernizing the image and public awareness of the environment and generating enthusiasm among young people, using education and commerce supported by entertainment and technology through the Creation of the World Environment Centre.

At Oppenheimer, Charles was responsible for building the London Fixed Income operation almost from scratch: Trading, Sales and Syndicated desks from 5 to 25 people. Covering Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Trading USD as well as other leading European currency bonds for clients as well as a proprietary-trading desk. He created a syndicate desk for new issues and got involved in the derivative bond market and reported to the Head of Fixed Income in the USA as the company was trying to get involved in this sector of the Capital Markets.

At Bankers Trust, He was directly responsible for the institutional sales effort of the Bond department as well as a selective range of derivative products within Europe and the Middle East. Accounts included Corporate, Banks and Insurance Companies. Product focus was on the Fixed Income instruments, FRN’s, Asset-backed and collateralized deals as well as derivative products on Debt, Equity, Commodities and Currencies. He was also responsible for devising the sales strategy for the institutional sales force which focused particularly on the derivative instruments.

At Riyad Bank, Charles was responsible for activities and strategy for investments and trading of all negotiable assets in major currencies. He created and managed a portfolio of USD1.5 billion composed of Eurobonds, FRN’s‚ FRCD’s, ECP’s, MTN’s‚ Interest rate and cross Currency Swaps. Some of these funds were managed for private individuals. He initiated and set up operation for trading in Government Bonds. He Marketed Europe on traditional banking products to corporate, as well as bank correspondent to major European banks. The Achievement: Capital Markets composed of four individuals accounted for 25% of the bank’s total income.
Charles has worked with 3D technologies since 2008.

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