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Themis is the current Director of Youth Sports Academies at A.C. Doukas, located in Athens, Greece, with more than 450 kids in 8 different sports under his supervision. His responsibilities include developing the annual daily practice schedule, developing marketing strategies and financial planning while maintaining a consistent growth throughout his presence in the Club


 After graduating from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens with a degree in Business Administration he moved to the United States for his graduate studies. He first attended the University of Toledo and received a Master in Business Administration in 2008 and concluded his studies in DC, graduating from Georgetown University with a Master’s degree in Sports Industry Management in 2011. In between, he served as an Instructor of managerial Finance for the University of Toledo.


Prior to returning from the United States, Themis worked at Village Camps as Assistant Basketball Coach & General Activity Counselor next to basketball great David Rivers. David and Themis have joined forces since 2008, when they started working on numerous projects such as sports camps, sporting events and other projects.


A wealth of knowledge was achieved by Themis during his internship at the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League based in North America, where he worked in the Marketing department, developing and organizing marketing projects during home games, while assisting other in-game operations. 


Themis has been passionately working with and around kids for the past several years, and he has seen the value in shaping character while indulging them into sports and recreational activities through which they acquire physical, emotional, social and educational benefits for their lives.

As he says, “it’s always fun, inspiring and amazingly awesome to be let into children’s world”…


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