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Living my life according to the dictum ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’ I have been involved in sports all my life. My aim has always been to help people cope with their experienced pressures, maintain mental health but above all achieve their personal best.  A proven track of academic achievement in Physiology, Sport Science and Performance Management has been complemented by 7 years in international outdoor counseling and sport psychology roles. Achievement across these disciplines is both unified and supported by three main elements. Firstly, passionate life-long athletic devotion, distinction and persistence supporting a strong understanding of performance psychology. From a recent 2,000 km trek and 4 marathon completions to a track record of basketball achievement and numerous volunteer roles, being balanced and caring reflects a fundamental way of life. Secondly, a naturally extrovert, open minded, smiley and inspirational ability for communication and relationship building has underlined counseling, teaching and sports education to date, across a particularly wide range of contexts. Lastly, a robust knowledge base in physiology, sports science and psychology has been strengthened by practically proven methodological success. These include developing confidence for learning, stress coping and control management, visualization exercises, pre-game preparation, team cohesion and group dynamics, performance profiling and goal setting techniques. Collaborations to date have included 2011 PWRC world champion Hayden Paddon and NBA star David Rivers, professional and amateur athletes, children and teens across a wide variety of educational, athletic and psychological contexts. I enjoy working with people. I am reliable, committed to hard work and take great pride in my performance as a professional. I like seeing the challenges I accept lead to successful results as I am highly self motivated, eager to learn and above all I am passionate about helping people achieve their potential. I am an energetic team player who works well with co-workers and colleagues and strives for success. I would be delighted to discuss collaboration options with you. I thank you for your kind attention and remain at your disposal. Kind Regards,
Maria sofia Mantonaki

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